Our Conservatories are built to be part of your home that can be used all year round. Our technology works to help keep it cool on hot days and warm during the cooler months so however you choose to use it, you have a space that’s always comfortable. For the warmer spells, we’ll design the right ventilation to suit your conservatory and location. 

We can install roof vents when we see your home’s exposure to sun. Then to keep the space comfortable, we ensure the heat is evenly spread by leaving a 20mm air gap between the two panes of glass in our double-glazed sealed units. We also fill the gap between panes with an argon gas which conducts less between the sheets of glass. 

A welcome addition to your home…. with a 10 year guarantee
Whether it’s accommodating guests for the weekend, being more sociable by having a larger dining area, having a dedicated hobby room, reserving a quiet corner for a spot of yoga or creating a home gym, an extra room would be a welcome addition at any time!

A variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit your home, designed to look like it’s always been part of your existing home, offering a feeling of permanence.

There is also an extensive range including the look of traditional slate or more modern and lightweight tiles to choose from to ensure as exact match to the original building as possible.

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